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G2P Leadership Guide

The G2P Toolbox

G2P will provide your church with:

  • A powerful culturally relevant mission statement that is easy to remember, communicate, and rally your church around.
  • A simple spiritual growth pathway that will ensure that members know your church’s mission, know how to grow in their faith, know their spiritual gifts, and know how to use those gifts in your church.
  • A set of ready-made graphics that will visually reinforce everything God has called you to do as a church. These can be placed in and around your church, silkscreened on clothing, and used in all your promotional materials.

Mission Statement

“Gathering together, growing disciples, and producing for the Kingdom”


The Gather, Grow, and Produce icons are essential to unleashing the power of G2P in your church. Remember, G2P is much more than a program or new member class. It is a culturally relevant way to help members understand the demands of the gospel and go on mission for Jesus. They constitute a pathway for spiritual growth and development.

When placed around your church on signs, hats, and flyers, the G2P icons are a constant reminder of your church’s mission and vision. They provide a helpful tool for holding your ministries accountable to a clear standard. Are we gathering? Are we growing? Are we producing? If not, then why are we doing it? This saves a lot of wasted energy and helps keep everyone unified and on task.

You should have some of these icons made and ready to deploy around the church when you launch G2P.

Download them in the section below.

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