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Build Small Groups

It is hard to overstate how important small groups are. Small groups show up in the earliest days of the New Testament church (Acts 2:46-47) and have been central in every revival movement throughout church history.

Small groups help people to:

  • Connect with others.
  • Grow in their faith.
  • Learn how to pray.
  • Exercise their spiritual gifts.
  • Minister and be ministered to.
  • Be accountable to others.
  • Remain connected to the church.
  • Go on mission for Jesus.

A healthy, thriving small group ministry forms a pipeline of mature believers ready to carry out the mission and vision of the local church.


What if my church doesn’t have small groups yet?

Here are some concrete steps you can take that will help your church build a healthy small group ministry:

  • Pray. You will need God’s guidance to help you put this foundational ministry in place Don’t go it alone. Seek God’s help.
  • Commit. If you are the pastor, determine in your heart to become the champion of this ministry. Small groups never thrive without the full-throated support of the senior pastor.
  • Recruit. Seek out a person with a heart for spiritual growth to help you build a team that can oversee and resource this important ministry.
  • Leverage. Use this team as the nucleus of your first group with the understanding that most of them will go on to lead new groups themselves.

Where can I get small group material?

One of the best resources for small group material is the pastor’s sermon. A pastor or other leader can generate a brief discussion guide covering each week’s sermon and distribute it to small group leaders via email. This helps people to process what they hear on Sundays and makes the pastor’s teaching more effective and enduring.

Another good option is to use topical studies from Lifeway or another trusted resource. It is usually best if the pastor selects these materials. To keep it affordable, encourage members to pay for their own books but offer scholarships for those who cannot.

Where can I get more information about small groups?

You have many options when it comes to doing small groups. You can learn about those options and find expert help her on our website.

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