Our mission is to actively support and guide the cowboy church community. Below you will find a list of events that you can attend, volunteer and share with others.

AFCC Events

Ranch Rodeo

A living tribute to the western heritage, the Ranch Rodeos showcase western culture while serving as an outreach ministry to share God’s word.

Cowboy Church Clinics

Our Cowboy Church Clinics provide the support and mentorship needed to cultivate a generation of church leaders.

The Gathering

By the Lord’s grace we are able to come together in fellowship for reflection, thanksgiving and setting spiritual goals for the new year.

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Community Events

See what AFCC churches in your area have on their schedule.

Cowboy Camps

Cowboy Camps are an incredible opportunity to be involved in nurturing and guiding our youth during the most formative years of their lives.


Our conferences are a time of reflection and thanksgiving for the leaders in our fellowships.