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G2P Leadership Guide

Involve Others

Once you understand G2P and believe God may be leading you to implement it in your church, you must begin to involve others. You will not be able to implement G2P without the support of your key leaders.

It is usually best to present G2P as a biblical pathway to spiritual growth rather than a church growth program.

Tips: Develop a Plan

Before you meet with church leaders, study and pray over Acts 2:41-48. Be prepared to discuss:

  • The rapid growth of the Acts 2 church. (3000 were added to the church in a single day.)
  • The church’s response to this growth. (They met both in the temple and in private homes for fellowship, worship, and prayer.)
  • The benefits of this approach. (It provided a way for members to receive sound biblical teaching, to build deep spiritual relationships, to have their needs met, and to exercise their own spiritual gifts.)
  • How G2P can help your church accomplish the same goals.

Also, consider taking your elders or core group through the G2P Saddle Up training. G2P sells itself as people experience Saddle Up.

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Develop a Plan

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