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Travelin’ Partners Magazine

Cowboys gotta have travelin’ partners … a good horse and a loyal dog. If you’re lost with no horse or dog at hand, you still aren’t alone if you have the Boss, His Son and the Spirit with you. Travelin’ Partners magazine tells the real world tales of how we ride strong for the Brand of Heaven.
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WRCA Crisis Fund

Each year, the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation awards scholarships and helps numerous families through the Crisis Fund. To date, the WRCF has given a half million dollars to working ranch cowboys and their immediate families for continued education and crisis situations.
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Runnin’ WJ Ranch

The Runnin WJ Ranch is a Christian non-profit organization, that provides therapeutic riding classes. Under the direction of Sam Clem, the Runnin' WJ is supported by over 300 volunteers and is funded by organizations, foundations and individuals.
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