May-June 2019

Humility – realizing God can do it without me or you

Currently, the AFCC is a fellowship of 200 churches sharing common ground on biblical beliefs, structure, and stewardship. The fellowship extends into 16 states.

Our primary purpose is to “gather and grow” (resource and develop) the fellowship through schools/clinics, mentoring, pastor processing, church bunching, communication, and to remain connected through the workings of the Holy Spirit. Over the past four years the AFCC has experienced increased stability and maturity as the Lord has deepened His position in the hearts of many followers.

Join us in celebrating, welcoming, and praying for new churches this year. We’ve included a list at the end if you’d like to pray for them by name.

This summer our prayer is that God will produce a great harvest through the Preteen and Teen Camps in Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors that will be supporting the camps and campers as well as the churches that help send them. Most of all, thank you to the parents that entrust your children to the AFCC Summer Camps! God bless y’all.

Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to supply 1344 Learning the Ropes Bibles to new churches and outreach projects this year.

On a personal note, thank you to those that have been concerned for my health over the recent year. I thought I was just aging until finally reaching a desperate health crisis and diagnosis between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Looking back over the years, when either the sarcoidosis (autoimmune disease) or the penicillium (fungus in blood and lungs) would flare up, it would wreak havoc on my physical and mental stamina. Finally, after getting over myself and going to get medical help, I now have a great team of doctors and continue to strengthen. Hopefully the fungus will be resolved, and the sarcoidosis managed. Well for a man of few words that tries to live a quiet life, enough for now.

In Christ,
Todd Mitchell, Executive Director

New Church Starts and Affiliates

Rising Son Cowboy Church, Raymond BellBonham, TX
Shade Tree Cowboy Church, Brandon WhittingtonBrady, TX
Three Rivers Cowboy Church, Robert BeeneMuskogee, OK
Western Range Cowboy Church, Doug MeyersW Wendover NV
Willis Cowboy Fellowship, Mike HeuerWillis, TX

Thank you

to each of the host churches for the love you’ve shown during the elder camps, clinics, pastor processings and individual church trainings held this year.